Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ellas Birthday Tea Party, 4th of July!!!

Ella's Invitation to her Birthday Tea Party!

It's a tea party!!!

Some of the fun included making frames for their tea party picture.

The other fun was making their own tea party hats.
They turned out SO cute!

There was also fun for the brothers....making alien cookies and digging up quarters in the backyard.

Clarke made her cake and Ella and I decorated :)

Sweet baby :)

The presents were unreal! Thank you friends!
Her friends took great things home as well which included their hats, cups with their names and flower arrangement, small summer snow globe and Tangled gift box!

And what's a party without a giant jump castle?!

The castle had to leave before the kids....so we jumped some more!

Sweet Olivia took in the whole tea party theme and her hat was adorable!

The haul!

The next day! We had some of our tea party friends....and their hats.....join us on our floate for the annual Tanglewood Fourth of July Parade!

Those crazy boys came too!!!

Cassie got to ride too while Clarke walked Max!

What a handsome boy!

Max got first place Dog! (for real)

After the parade....fun pool party and picnic for the neighborhood!
(Notice how Ella points her toes every time she jumps in!)

This year, they added a water slide. So much fun!......for the kids!


Jake enjoyed the races! This one was a relay where you swim with a watermelon coated in Crisco across the pool to a team member. First team to finish, wins!

He had so much fun, and kept up with those teenagers! He was so proud!

Max chillin' at home with his 1st Place Ribbon!

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