Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MORE Summer Fun!!!

Daddy and his girl at Dinosaur Park!
Daddy finally got a tour of Dinosaur World given by Jake!
It's a fossil dig!
Aspiring paleontologist
So sweet :)
Daddy, Jake, Ella & Bats
Flowers Fam!
Jake & Daddy on an unexpected adventure to see dinosaur tracks!
Finally made it down to the dinosaur track!
Jake is standing in it!
Dinosaur track!
On our way back up!
Sweet memories :)
The toy bought at Dinosaur World for "young paleontologists!
Not as "kid-friendly" a toy as we thought!
Mom & Bats had to bring out the chisels.
Hurricane Harbor!!!
Jake & Ella wanted tattoos!
Butterfly & Tiger
Don't mess with this tatted toddler!
Went to one of the kids favorite places...Dallas World Aquarium,
with Daddy, Mommy, Bats and Mamie!
Feeding the birds!


Very big catfish!
Jake loves the octopus!

"I'm SO tired."

A very random Rainforest Tribal dance.
Costumes were cool!

"I see you!"
Ella's new big girl room!
Fit for a pretty, pretty princess.
Tea anyone?!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer 2010

Tanglewood 4th of July Parade
Mr. Man & Little Bit
Grandad & Co-Creator of the 1st Place Float!

Sweet Girl
Jake with a Cheesy Cheese holding the 1st Place ribbon

Clarke & Jake both caught off guard for the pic!
Clarke & Max got 3rd place in the parade......for being Clarke & Max!

Grandad, Bats, Jake, Ella & Mommy took an awesome trip to Galveston!

At the Moody Gardens Aquarium

Seal Skeletons
In awe....
"I'm not scared!
Very Cool!
"Get me out of here!"
An attempt at a group shot.
Thank you, Bats, for cooperating!

Butterfly gardens....

Chocolate break!
One of many very cool 3D movies at the IMAX!

Moody Gardens Rainforest

More IMAX!
Riding the Ferry!
MiMi's favorite thing to do when she and Grandad came to Galveston :)