Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Birthday and Easter Fun!

Jake Easter egg hunting with his school friends!

Jake's little friend Avery
Jake got quite a stash. He would run and get a few eggs
bring them back to me and get some more.
His little friend Avery helped too. Of course she took
from the other kids baskets and put them in Jake's!
Christmas day?! Nope.....Easter weekend!

Crazy West Texas weather!!!!
Jake loves Cars, so they made an appearance
at his birthday celebration!
Jake and Grandaddy
Jake & Bea
The Flowers Crew!
Grandad, Jake and Mimi
A happy birthday boy!
Easter Egg hunting Easter Sunday
at the Abilene Country Club
Jake was a little leary of the Easter bunny.
He never wanted him near, but always had his eyes on him!

Easter fun!!!!