Friday, March 23, 2007

Jake's Class B-Day Party!!!

We brought a pull-string pinata with toys and candy in it for the kiddos.
Once the prizes fell out of the pinata it was a mad dash to make
sure each 2-yr.-old got their "fair share!"
Little hands grasping as much as they could hold.
I will say, there WAS pushing and shoving.....and a little crying!
This is Jake's little friend Avery. They've been in daycare
together since Jake started. She's a little terror at times, but
according to Jake's teacher is nice to Jake because he's the
only one nice to her! Too cute!!!
The little birthday boy!!!!
This is Gabby trying to take off with all of the
Easter baskets we brought for the kids to take their
treats home. We had to "pursuade" her to share.
The best part.......daddy stayed up until 1am making
and decorating homemade cupcakes!
As you can see they were thoroughly enjoyed!!!!
The next day when I brought Jake to school, the little
boy in the middle, Nolan, ran up to me saying, "Cake! Cake!"
I told him I didn't have any cake that day......he cried.
Our sweet little baby is now two!!!!!
We love you Jake!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007