Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving in Abilene!

Abilene's first snow of the year!
Attempting a Thanksgiving picture....and missing the rest of our family!
Ella's first Thanksgiving!!!! We love you, Ella!

These are the famous Cows in Abilene....some of the
folk art displayed around town.
Jake loves these cows!

Ella all bundled up before going out into the snow!

Jake and Clarke making Jake's first snowman!

Is this sweet or what?!

Jake loved his snowman so much he wanted to
take its head on our walk through the neighborhood.
Ella's not too thrilled with her little outfit!

Jake in the snow.....


Fort Flowerwood takes on the snow...

From our home to yours......Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween at Flowerwood!!!

Here's our sweet little kitty cat!
As you'll see, mommy loved this little costume!
Aren't they sweet! Jake loves to hold Ella.
Just wanna pinch those cheeks!!!!

This is at the pumpkin patch in Abilene.
Sweet picture, but probably one
she will look back at as a teenager
and say,"Dad....why didn't you stop mom?!"
Jake went back to the Pumpkin Patch with
his mother's day out class and his
new friend Beau.

This was Ella's actual Halloween costume!
How "sweet!" Jake was a Hershey Kiss his first Halloween.
And this is Buzz Lightyear!!!!! Mommy made the wings.
At first he didn't want the wings....was kicking and screaming.
But mommy "politely" stated, "I worked on these for
two days.....he will wear them, even if just for the picture!"
As you see.....he liked them!
The sweet brother and sister!
This is at the first PDBC Family Fun Night
at our church sponsored by the children's ministry.Daddy and the kiddos!
Just had to include this picture...Jake's loves his icecream!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall Fun & Grandaddy's Visit to Abilene

The Pizza House is a fun place in Clyde, Texas
with a live band each weekend.

The Fall Abilene Balloonfest features lots of
hot air balloons, and outdoor festivities.
it was so windy, only a few balloons went
up, but Jake enjoyed the "all-burns" from
the hot air balloon tanks.

Ella looking beautiful in a new dress from Grandaddy.

Pumpkin decorating time!

Goofin' around in dad's hats!
Awe....what a great face!Sweet daddy's girl!
Learning the ABCs and 123s!