Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tanglewood & Jake's Class Halloween Parties!!!

Jake, the Sabertooth Tiger! Grrrrrrrr!!!!
Ella, the "Beautiful Ballerina!"

"Arrrgggg!" Jake's friend, Ethan!
Jake's new Kinder friends, Lucas, Hayden, Jake B. & Hayden's brother Reese
Sweet Ella & Cassie.....the ballerinas!
The WHOLE party crew about to go Trick or Treatin!
Standing: Lucas, Caroline, Reed, Reese, Jake B., Hayden, JAKE, Jake B.'s sisters
Sitting: Luke & Titus as "Thing 1 & Thing 2", Ella, Allie
Front Sitting: Ethan, Lucas' sister and Hayden's sister Olivia
Ella, Allie and Cassie ready to Trick or Treat!
Jake assessing the first house's treats......Hmmmmmm....

Poor Cassie.....walking the plank!
Cute or what?!

Jake's "Pumpkin Party" at school!
Ella got to help mommy at the fishing game!
Jake B. & J.T. making pumpkin cookies
Hayden making a pumpkin cookie
Jake fishing for "Spider Clues"
Ella doing a great job!!!
"Pin the Nose on the Scarecrow"