Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally!!! An update!

Christmas visited us a little early this year in
the form of a new computer via Grandaddy and Mamie!
Thank you! Now we can start updating our blog again!

Jake's Christmas Choir Program at church

What a sweet face!
Jake and Ella decorating their first
gingerbread house!

Sweet babies!

Jake leaving his first letter for Santa Clause!
He was very specific....wanted to leave it in a bottle
in front of the house.
Amazingly...the letter was gone the next morning!
Our awesome new computer!!!!!!!!!
Jake and Ella playing games on
Thank you, Mamie & Grandaddy!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up-to-Date at Flowerwood!

Clarke, Jake & Ella doing "Rock -n- Roll!"
Awwwww....speaks for itself....

"ROCK -n- ROLL!!!!"
Sweet babies!

Jake LOVES tigers! This is Ted the Tiger

Ella's birthday celebration at Chuckee Cheese
with MiMi, Bats, Jake, Grandad and Mommy

Sweet birthday girl!
Love these Chuckee Cheese cups

Ella and Barney
Playing sweet!


This was a big moment for Jake...
this is the first he's ever not run away
screaming in fear when a mascot
comes up for a picture!
Jake sportin' Ella's birthday crown!

Nothin' better than green popsicles on a summer night

July 4th before the Tanglewood parade

The Spirit of America Flowerwood float!

The Flowers....including Max!

This year, our neighbors pulled out the big guns
to take away the "Overall Winner" title from us
in the Tanglewood 4th of July drawn float.
Grandad and Mindy are already getting ready for
next year to take our title back!

Our family golfer...Old Tom Morris
rode on the float this year!

Yes.....the float that should've won Best Overall!

Ella, Grandaddy and Daddy

Look at those blue eyes!

Jake and Daddy make it to the Tanglewood pool
almost every day!
Look at the height on that throw!
Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet girl!!!!
We love you, baby!

Our Little Princess!