Monday, January 22, 2007

Fun Update!

Jake LOVES "Cars" the movie!
What a cutie!
Yup! He is definitely a climber.
His favorite spot is on the couch, behind all of the pillows.

How fun is this picture?!?!?! Just wanna squeeeeeeze his cheeks!
This is eating lunch at the Ft. Worth
stock show.

This is Jake having his fill of the Ft. Worth
Stock Show, and wanting desperately to leave!

Max was sad because he hadn't been in a post in a while.
We love you Max!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Winter Update!

Jake not too thrilled being in his preschool Christmas program!
Too Cute!!!

In this picture his class is "playing" jingle bells, however, Jake sees mommy, and is not too interested in playing!

Fall fun in the leaves.

What a face!

Still not too thrilled with this whole Santa thing.

Jake's a little overwhelmed by his presents!
Wait til he gets the BIG gift when we build his fort/playhouse.

Jake's first attempt at decorating Christmas cookies.
A special time for mommy as she did this with her Gran
every Christmas!

What a blessing we have.
Hope your holidays were blessed!